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Who Is Savitar?


Google search is fun game to play at 3:45AM. If you type “what is” or “why is” into Google Search, the engine tries to guess what you’re looking for by finishing your question with popular answers. Many of these are hilarious, because you’re looking at the most popular ways to finish your question. Fiddle around with it a bit, and you can learn some things about popular culture. You can also type in the start of other popular questions. Read the rest of this entry »

Texas Clouds Make Surreal Fabric

Texas CloudsI’ve spent the last few days making art and investigating the many third party sites that will allow you to “create your own” whatever and post it for sale to others. A couple of days ago, after re-ordering Joe’s business cards on Zazzle, I discovered that they sold fabric that anyone could design.

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Metal Print: Summer Squall on the Highway, Central New Mexico, 2013


My digital photograph recalls a hot summer afternoon on a long, two-lane highway. In the distance, we could see an enormous summer squall on a collision course with the super straight highway we were traveling.

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Otto Warmbier Dies


I have never posted anything slightly political on my blog, but this, I think, goes beyond politics. I hope Otto’s death will help open eyes to see the oppressive and dangerous regime in North Korea.

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Society6 is Printing My Artwork!


Society6 is offering open edition prints of my artwork as well as the artwork printed on other materials; such as metal, canvas wraps, and even tote bags and cell phone covers.

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