Road Trip: San Antonio to McAllen, Texas

Text and photos describe the route from San Antonio, TX to the Mexican border near McAllen, TX.


Moving the Wedges

Video of Cloet’s exhibit at the International Museum of Art & Science. This video depicts director and curator Joseph Bravo arranging the “Wedges” at the exhibit. Visitors were encouraged to move maquettes of the “Wedges”, and periodically Bravo or Cloet would come by and move the large “Wedges” in the same arrangement. This is what […]

Penance II, The Church at Ranchos de Taos

Penance and Forgiveness, The Church at Ranchos de Taos, NM

So, does this look familiar?  It may sound naive, but I swear I did not know what I was doing when I took this shot. After I got home and started processing the photos, there seemed to be something oddly familiar about the angle and the shape of this church.  I couldn’t figure it out, […]

Moses Smith Original Photo

Restoring Old Photos in GIMP

Last week, my mother sent me a photograph of my great-great grandfather, Moses Maurice Smith, who came from Georgia and settled in Indian Territory in the 19th Century. He died in Bohchito, Oklahoma in 1925. Anyway, another relative emailed her the photograph, and I thought it was really cool. This must have been taken in […]

Cashew Tree

Cashew Apples & Nuts

I doubt if  you’ve ever shelled a cashew. Think about it.  Any images of shelling cashew nuts in your childhood?  Didn’t think so. Cashews aren’t your average nut.  I thought about this one day after a trip to the store to replenish my trail mix.  Why can’t you buy cashews and shell them yourself?  Thanks […]