My Flickr Stream Has Returned!


After a two year lock-out, Yahoo! mysteriously decided to unlock my Flickr account in 2013. This is most wonderful because I stored over 3,400 photos there from 2005 to 2010. Five years of my life has returned after a two year hiatus. Awesome!

Now you should see later pictures as well — I’m backing up all my photos to both my iCloud account and to Flickr. The iCloud backup is strictly private, but the Flickr backup has more recent shots marked public, so there’s an actual photo stream for you to flip through, if you are so inclined.

The photo attached to this post was captured November, 2015 in Mendocino, CA at dusk. Look at the lower left of the image and you can see a white SUV parked on the beach. I point this out to give you a reference for the immense ocean view from California HWY 1.