You have encountered the personal web site of Lori Bravo. I have a variety of interests, including photography, web design, reading, writing, art, and appreciation of the unusual and surreal.  I have been committed to learning about internet technology and social media since 1994, when I founded Tristero, Inc. (unfortunate choice of business names, but you had to be there) and opened one of the world’s first internet coffee houses in San Antonio, Texas.

I worked for over 12 years as webmaster and director of marketing for NewTek, a high tech company that invented the Video Toaster and LightWave 3D.  They happened to move their headquarters to my home town just as I was folding up Tristero and the Coffee Gallery. If you would like to see my resume, get the pdf.

Please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at lori@loribravo.com.