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Benini Ranch Visit

Benini Sculpture Ranch, Feb 28, 2010

This ever changing kinetic sculpture by La Paso is one of many on the Benini Sculpture Ranch. As guests of Benini and his wife Lorraine, Joe and I visited the Ranch and enjoyed a tour of the studio and exhibit center, as well as a meandering drive around the 140 acre property.

The land is dotted by about 100 large-scale sculptures, and features a trail you can drive your vehicle through as well as a walking trail. Think safari. Well worth the one hour drive from San Antonio, the Sculpture Ranch is open to the public from 10AM to 6PM Thursday through Sunday. It is located about six miles west of Johnson City, TX. The Beninis are warm, welcoming artists, and they work and live on the Ranch full-time. The property used to belong to Lyndon Baines Johnson. It’s quite a drive down a winding dirt road to get to the Ranch, and the effect of the large sculptures in the rough landscape is striking and sometimes surreal.

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