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Who Is Savitar?


Google search is fun game to play at 3:45AM. If you type “what is” or “why is” into Google Search, the engine tries to guess what you’re looking for by finishing your question with popular answers. Many of these are hilarious, because you’re looking at the most popular ways to finish your question. Fiddle around with it a bit, and you can learn some things about popular culture. You can also type in the start of other popular questions. Read the rest of this entry »

Texas Clouds Make Surreal Fabric

Texas CloudsI’ve spent the last few days making art and investigating the many third party sites that will allow you to “create your own” whatever and post it for sale to others. A couple of days ago, after re-ordering Joe’s business cards on Zazzle, I discovered that they sold fabric that anyone could design.

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Otto Warmbier Dies


I have never posted anything slightly political on my blog, but this, I think, goes beyond politics. I hope Otto’s death will help open eyes to see the oppressive and dangerous regime in North Korea.

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Road Trip: San Antonio to McAllen, Texas


In a little over two years, I drove more than 35,000 freeway miles: all of them along the same 250-mile stretch of coastal plains and tropics that lay in deep South Texas. Saying that I am not severely bored with the drive would be an understatement; it was one heck of a commute. My husband was director of the International Museum of Art & Science in McAllen, where we rented a house, but home and family were both in San Antonio. Read the rest of this entry »

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Moving the Wedges


Artist Mark Cloet. I didn’t take this image, too bad Marc is looking away. 🙂

Video of Cloet’s exhibit at the International Museum of Art & Science.

This video depicts director and curator Joseph Bravo arranging the “Wedges” at the exhibit. Visitors were encouraged to move maquettes of the “Wedges”, and periodically Bravo or Cloet would come by and move the large “Wedges” in the same arrangement. This is what Bravo is doing in the video. The “Wedges” were made of sheets of steel cut and welded together. Notice at the end of the video how Joe “appears” from behind the wedge like it is a telephone booth… and he’s Superman with iphone on ear.  Makes me smile.

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