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Metal Print: Summer Squall on the Highway, Central New Mexico, 2013

My digital photograph recalls a hot summer afternoon on a long, two-lane highway. In the distance, we could see an enormous summer squall on a collision course with the super straight highway we were traveling.

It was so amazing (and there was so little traffic on this highway), that I stopped the car in the middle of the road and got out to take this photograph. It’s a nice photograph, but I don’t think the photo alone conveyed the frozen downpour that was about to cross our path. I digitally manipulated the image to better convey what was on the way. In the middle of the storm, about 20 minutes after this photo was captured, there was a deafening noise and visibility was down to zero. It was very, very dark and surprisingly cold. Again I came to a complete stop, this time I did not even know if I was still on the road. I knew if anyone else was nearby, I could collide with them, or they with me — and no one would be to blame.

Within another 20 minutes or less, the storm passed. Water was steaming from the road, and sleet had collected on our running boards and underneath our windshield wipers.

New Mexico Highway 2013
Digital photograph of a squall about to cross a lonely NM highway.

Now available printed in 4 sizes on aluminum (my favorite iteration of the print), and as an open edition art print, framed or unframed, as well as a number of other perfectly tasteful representations. For example, the above image is also available on a notebook. I’m beginning to set up a store at:

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