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Texas Clouds Make Surreal Fabric

I’ve spent the last few days making art and investigating the many third party sites that will allow you to “create your own” whatever and post it for sale to others. A couple of days ago, after re-ordering Joe’s business cards on Zazzle, I discovered that they sold fabric that anyone could design.
This must be a real cool thing for the quilt makers out there. Actually, it’s a real cool thing for anyone who has ready cash in their pocket. One yard of my “Surreal Clouds” fabric in combed cotton will run you $24.80. But it is really, really cool:

Get out your wallet

You can also purchase the design on other types of material, but it will cost you:

+ $3.20
+ $9.50
+ $9.50
+ $12.65
+ $35.85
+ $39.00

That’s $64.80 for one yard of natural linen with my “Surreal Clouds” pattern printed on it!  My designs are pretty expensive. Disclaimer – it doesn’t look that great on linen.

Check It Out.