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Road Trip: San Antonio to McAllen, Texas

In a little over two years, I drove more than 35,000 freeway miles: all of them along the same 250-mile stretch of coastal plains and tropics that lay in deep South Texas. Saying that I am not severely bored with the drive would be an understatement; it was one heck of a commute. My husband was director of the International Museum of Art & Science in McAllen, where we rented a house, but home and family were both in San Antonio.

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Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan, photographer and artist, at dinner on the opening night of “Running the Numbers” show at the International Museum of Art & Science in…

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Adult Movies

You can find just about anything at a Pulga; but whether you actually want it or not is another question. A lot of the things…

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Peppers at the Alton, TX Pulga

These are peppers at the flea market (Pulga) in Alton, TX.  Captured May 7, 2011.       Share

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