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Who Is….. Savitar?

Google search is fun game to play at 3:45AM. If you type “what is” or “why is” into Google Search, the engine tries to guess what you’re looking for by finishing your question with popular answers. Many of these are hilarious, because you’re looking at the “most popular” ways to finish your question. (We all know where being popular will get you, right?) Fiddle around with it a bit, and you can learn some things about popular culture. You can also type in the start of other potential questions.

DC Comics Savitar

After scanning the page, I will quickly admit that I learned many things I didn’t know. I don’t know if I *need* to know these things, and they are probably only committed to the short term memory I need to write this post, and then FLUSH that character out of my head!

I learned who Savitar is, and this is probably very important information to the popular people, as it came up first when I typed “who is” and Google finished my question for me (“Who is Savitar?”) and linked me to the answer:

“Savitar is Bartholomew Henry “Barry” Allen (1989-2017), who was  a time remnant of the original Barry Allen that became a powerful armored speedster known as Savitar. Savitar’s existence is the cause of a causal loop that involved the death of Iris West, as after he was created the time remnant was shunned by the members of Team Flash. Broken and utterly alone for not being the original Barry, Savitar desired to end his pain by becoming a god; thus he renamed himself after the Hindu God of Motion…. He was the fastest known speedster in the Multiverse.” (

Simple, right? But that’s not really the whole answer, is it? From what I can gather, Savitar is a character in the DC comics metaverse, and appeared in The Flash season 3 and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. But, there’s a ton of backstory available on this page. I think the important take-away about the character is probably in a side bar – Savitar’s status is declared “Erased from existence.” I thought that would answer my question, but I read on and discovered an incredibly complex plot and many, many characters, many of whom seemed to have an “Earth Name” (ie. Eobard Thawne) and some kind of mythological hero name (ie. Killer Frost), to make this character definition more complex.

Once I began skimming the page, I could not stop! I would like to know why a lot of people are searching for this information this early Sunday morning. I read on “Savitar… has no beginning or end but only a series of events that lead to his creation.” His rise to power had to do with obtaining the Philosopher’s Stone and a mechanical suit of armor. He dubbed himself the “God of Speed” and was the leader of a cult who spread the myth of his power. Savitar somehow went back in time to spread his fame “throughout the Multiverse and across time.” This is a complex story.

Creepy Savitar

Now I’m intrigued. In addition to the Philosopher’s Stone and cultism, this story involves a violation of time, telepathy, possession, Alchemy (both the character and a thing), dissociation identity disorder, torture, earthquakes, a woman with “ice powers,” metahumans, psychic connections, a vendetta, and references to A LOT of speed (ie. the Speed Force Bazooka, the Speed Force Cannon, and the Speed Force Portal to name a few).

The story of Savitar is a long and complicated one that entails orange lightening, rage, murder, a paradox that caught up with itself, guilt, shunning, a god-complex, ruthlessness, cruelty, hate, villainy, empathy, love, and demonism.

Savitar Revealed

Savitar has many powers: Speed Force connection / Meta-human physiology which includes an accelerated healing factor, electrokinesis, superhuman agility, superhuman speed, body vibrations, dimensional travel, geokinesis, superhuman momentum, a connection to the Philosopher’s Stone which gives him speedster weapons immunity; possession of others minds; telepathy; and power bestowal  through recognition. Savitar is also a master manipulator and a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. Although he has weaknesses, I’m not going to list them here because 1) they’re a secret revealed only through the Wiki; and 2) you really need to read this for yourself.

I learned a lot from following a Google suggestions, but there is one thing in this story that I already knew: “Never set the Philosopher’s Stone to overload.”